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To bitchfuck a woman is to fuck her hard, and with no romance, warmth, or tenderness. Fucked in a way that conveys disrespect.
No it wasn't make-up sex. More like a bitchfuck.
by Jim Inman September 02, 2006
to fuck a dog especially a female dog... up the ass... doggy style
its not cheating if u bitch fuck a dog... cuz its YOUR dog
by Zach September 23, 2004
A form rage filled outburst usually used when in pain.
Bitchfuck! I just stepped on a fucking nail!
by M. Hynes August 06, 2003
noun. a derogatory word for describing a person you don't like. more specifically, a person you hate because of something they did.
that redheaded racist bitch fuck should get her ass kicked because she's a concieted whore.
by stina chadbourne August 27, 2005
An act which serves to put someone in an extremely undesirable position or the state of being placed in said undesirable position.
It was raining and I got a flat tire. My cell phone was dead and when I popped the trunk I discovered that the spare was flat too. I was totally "bitchfucked".
by FatandFast June 12, 2011
When a lesbian punches her lover in the pussy.
Woman 1: Fuck! Why did you fucking bitch fuck me you bitch?
by Callipygian1 August 24, 2009
a profanity used in the case of a screw up or an "uh-oh" situation.. Can be used in place of the words "fuck", "shit", or "damn".
BITCH FUCK! I forgot my keys!!
by marylick6969 August 06, 2009
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