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A breu is basically Brohan Special Forces. A more sophisticated, advanced version of an average bro, a breu can make twice as many lulz and pwn multiple unfamiliars with ease. A breu usually dresses like a douchebag or wears the same clothes everyday. A pack of breus usually consist of 3, and can create absolutely devastating lulz when in a public area. It is wise to stay out of the way when breus are verbally bashing each other, as any minor input could put you in the roast!
Guy 1: There are some breus at the table near the end, absolutely wrecking this place

Guy 2: Yeah, lets not get in their way, don't wanna get caught in the crossfire
#bro #brew #breu #brah #brother #homie #holmes #brotha #brudda
by C-B. May 26, 2009
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