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A meaning for a good looking polish man
"that guy is a bit of a Darek"
by Dzr99 March 23, 2009
A funny man when drunk. Usually tends to throw over the top compliments and forget everything in the morning.
Friend: You said i was beautiful last night
Friend2: Shit man, i was well dareked.
by Rhymeyariver March 23, 2009
A simple man. Likes to preform oral and internal sex acts on goats and other other farm animals.
We got our selfs a Darek down the road, lock up your livestock .
Did you see that Darek with that horny goat last night?
by nipple titis April 17, 2016
1)A Polish assclown.
2)Very Racist.
3)Prone to Niggerbeats.
4)A pathetic thief.
Uh oh... Darek is running from the Black people again, must have stolen some Yu-Gi-Oh cards...
by Smart_People August 20, 2003
A overgrown 13 year old that dosn't know when to shut up. He's jewish but says he's polish
I can't believe that darek when to his barmitsfa so late
by JEW April 22, 2004
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