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34 definitions by Jevanyn

An irresistible force that draws you back to bed, or toward any mattress, couch, or other soft horizontal surface. Usually stronger when one or more persons are already on said furnature.
Mom: Time to get up for school!
Son: Must! Fight! Bed gravity! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
by Jevanyn April 22, 2011
11268 1325
Unable to communicate anything other than memes.
Memetard: In Soviet Russia, cheezburger wants you!
Response: Don't be such a memetard.
by Jevanyn August 06, 2009
47 24
A plan or process that is so hopeless, no one wants to make the effort to start it.
"President Obama’s plan to reduce the size of the deduction has been a nonstarter in Congress."
-- from The Big Money
by jevanyn April 14, 2010
11 2
when you take so many drugs, nothing can kill you
Dude 1: The drummer is teh awesome!
Dude 2: Doesn't he date back to the 70's, how old is he now?
Dude 1: He's on the Keith Richards diet plan. He does so much coke he's actually been dead for 10 years but his body is still drumming.
by jevanyn November 14, 2011
8 2
Geek speak for "significant other"
My gf and I play Wii together, so I started calling her my Player 2.
by Jevanyn February 08, 2011
10 5
To forget hearing something, usually disgusting, offensive, disturbing, or just plain fucked up.
Thank you for sharing all the gory details. I can now never unhear any of it.
by jevanyn October 19, 2009
7 3
To "go mcchrystal" is to openly mock your boss, boss' boss, or other superior, usually resulting in demotion, firing, or "spending more time with my family".
Office drone 1: What happened to Bob, his cubicle is cleared out.

Office drone 2: He got drunk at the office party and went all mcchrystal, started making fun of the VPs, and they were in the room when it happened.
by Jevanyn June 23, 2010
5 2