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A born loser. The word originates from and is comprised of the two words 'Shlong' and 'Donkey'.
Look at that shlonky wearing a button-down dress shirt with sweatpants.
by jeru411 October 12, 2005
A reclining chair with all the bells and whistles. Most man chairs come with a beer holder and a fold out foot rest. Ideal for the football season.
I told my girl she could buy a love seat if she let me buy the Deluxe Man Chair. The thing had a built in refrigerator!
by jeru411 July 31, 2008
The new proper way of saying "do it".
"Want to go to the mall?" "Yeah, let's do the thing"

"That idling car is just beggin to be stolen, I need to hurry up and do the thing before the owner comes back out"

by jeru411 March 06, 2007
I am down with your suggestions homey.
Would I like to partake in a game of checkers? I'll be dat...
by jeru411 October 18, 2003
When you are banging a chick, and you stick a french fry up her ass and then use it to draw the golden arches on her forehead
The other day, I bought my girl a #2 super sized at Mickey D's, but little did she know I was just in it for the Dirty Ronald.
by jeru411 March 08, 2007
Ghetto way of saying "oh snap!"
Oh snizzle! Look at that dime with her jeans painted on!
by jeru411 July 30, 2008
A smelly vagina. Usually on an ugly female that hasn't had sex in months or... ever.
So what if she weighs 3 bills, her stink pie was nice and warm
by jeru411 September 02, 2008

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