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Some clown who basically worships coporate America and Money as a god. They could be treated like slaves, and are totally blind to the crimes of the Corporate Genies. Whats even worse, if anyone tries to fight corporate corruption, they dont hesitate to go on this whole blabbery "Thats life", and justify the abuses by blaming the activists as being lazy, and unwilling to work. All they can see is the corporations side of the spectrum. They would call someone lazy for being angry for not getting any time off after working 10 years straight
Some corporate apologist called me a lazy slug after I had exposed the way the boss expects us to work 14 hour days just so he can have a fatter paycheck at the expense of the workers.
by Jerry1341 April 23, 2010
1. The most misunderstood form of Christianity.

2. Used as slang by Fundamentalists towards anyone who includes all people into salvation, and not just their small cult.

3. The original belief from Jesus time till the 500's when the Church became imperialized by Rome. Most Christians in the East and the West believed this, such as Pantaneus, Clement of Alexandria, Origen, St. Gregory of Nyssa, St. Macrina the Younger, Theodore Montepusa, Diodore of Tarsus, and other such figures. It is also believed that St. John Crystostom, St. Ambrose, St. Basil and St. Gregory Nazanieth. Both Augustine and Basil admitt that most Christians believed in Universal Salvation. The belief was deemed heretical because the emperor Justinian demanded a council to condemn the belief as a heresy in the 500's.

4. They believe that by Jesus death and resurrection, that all will eventually come to salvation. They study the bible in its original context and understand the original greek words in their original use, not the church defined use. Contrary to popular belief, Universalism does not in any way give one a free pass to sin, or underestimate Jesus work on the cross. They still believe in punishment, but not that it is endless and is for corrective purposes. In fact, Universalism is the only form of Christianity that teaches both an all powerful and all loving God who will get rid of sin once and for all, and died not for a few, but insured everyone salvation.
Christian Universalism is the most loving form of Christianity, because they act like the real Jesus, not this angry Jesus the traditionalist teach.
by Jerry1341 May 15, 2010
A failing attempt on Yahoo Answers to try to get people to conform to organized religions, the Government, Corporations and cultural norms. They intend to try to turn us into robots by using rewards and punishments for obedience and disobedience. Unfortunately its been a real fail considering people are leaving, and others who get suspended dont come back.

1. Usually the best answer voted if you dont choose one is the most offensive answer criticizing you for not being enough of a conformist.

2. Questions and answers are deleted if they dont really align with the opinions of the sponsored Organized religion, social norms, Political philosophy or Corporate philosophies.

3. Questions are deleted if they criticize any organized religion, culture, government, or economic system.

4. Pro-hierarchy answers are always given thumbs up, no matter how rude they are, while anti-hierarchy answers are given thumbs down no matter how truthful.

5. The only people left on YA are all pro-hierarchy rightwings.
Yahoo Answers conformist Conspiracies have made it impossible for individuals to be themselves. Thats why every time you hang out in R&S, you are gonna be attacked for not following some official RW theology.
by Jerry1341 May 26, 2010
Trolls on the internet who go around on various websites such as Yahoo Answers, Amazon, Sodahead, Facebook and every other message board.

They typically give bad reviews to books that do not support their theology, leave nasty comments one any blogs that do not match their theology, and answer questions about beliefs they are against with the intent on ridiculing them.
Religious spammers:

Amazon Book review for "Christian Universalism: Gods Good news for all people".

Review: I have been looking for a book that represents Universalism in a biblical way - that will convince me. This isn't it. There are many references that have an Eastern religious feel, and they made me feel cautious. Not a book that I would recommend to "prove" Universalism beliefs to another believer. I wasn't even persuaded by it. In fact it left me questioning such...

C. Romaella says:
If you're looking for a book that presents universalism in a biblical way, you will NEVER find it because that is the opposite of the Bible's message.

Another review for the book: Don't buy this book. The author doesn't have a leg to stand on Biblically, as he can state a few true cases of mistranslations from the King James that support universalism,

C. Romaella says:
No author can "present" heretical ideas in a way that convinces a spirit-indwelt believer.

Wait a second? didnt this dipshit just leave that same comment twice?
by Jerry1341 May 09, 2010
1. Contrary to popular belief, it was not the faith Jesus taught, but started by St. Augustine.

2. The most filthy form of Christianity. They believe that anyone who does not follow them is doomed to eternal hell.

3. People who can sure dish out insults against any other people who do not think like them, but God forbid if anyone says anything bad about their cult, they get all mad.

4. Hypocracy at its best. They dont treat other kindly, but take time to make sure they follow the rules their church sets out.

5. People who cannot be reasoned with. Not only that, but their reasoning is really messed up.

6. Make bible matters more complicated by their church regulated theology.
Traditionalist Christianity

On Yahoo Answers, some bitch got all nasty with someone about having trouble accepting some Church belief that Animals not going to heaven, but then at the same time started freaking about how to properly dispose of some palms.

On Youtube, the Christian Universalist theologian L. Ray Smith exposes Bill Weises book "23 minutes in hell", and does a good job at exposing all the flaws. However some fundies go off commenting the video calling him arrogant. Really, the only thing arrogant I see is those fundies believe that anyone who does not believe as them is going to hell.

They fight about some of the stupidest stuff. There are people in the street starving, animals and children being abused, rainforests being destroyed, and serial killers on the loose, and they are fighting over stupid shit, like woman not being housewives, gays having relationships, teaching evolution at schools, rock and roll and lack of TV censorship. F them, they know nothing.
by Jerry1341 May 15, 2010
People who go off ranting about how everyone should conform to a certain religion, government, economic structure, or culture and society. They will often judge you for going against the government, a corporation, an organized religion or cultural behaviors. These are often times teachers. They go off instead of teaching students to think for themselves, they teach them crap that is approved by someones standards.
I had this one conselor who was such a conformist preacher. She never taught me to stick up for myself, but just to accept other people "authority". Like I asked her for advise on how to deal with a pushy older cousin, and she told me that she is older than me, and I need to accept her authority, PERIOD.

Christian Apologists are such Conformist preachers too. They go out and criticize anyone who does not follow in their leaders theological system. And then they claim that their theological system is better by some form of bible thumping.

This teacher is such a conformist preacher. She punished me, despite the fact I did nothing wrong. Only because they are under the impression that thats just the way it is, and I could get in trouble for that.
by Jerry1341 May 15, 2010

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