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The full phrase is "Stop! Hammertime!" but I'm a lousy conformist, so I put it here. It is by far the most awesome phrase ever. You could make Slimer from Ghostbusters say it and it would still make sense. Its inventor was nothing short of genius as well.
M. Feldspar: Stop! Hammertime!
Halle Berry: Have my babies.
M. Feldspar: Can't touch this.
by Jerry the Gerbilizer February 17, 2005
Really, really small pants.
Holy gerund! You are wearing baby pants!

I tried some baby pants on yesterday and it caused blood to squirt out of my femoral artery!

I lost my testicles in a baby pants accident.
by Jerry the Gerbilizer February 11, 2005
Interjection said to have been developed by burly baby dolphin hunters from Europe. It's meaning is still unclear, but according to scientists and an electric pencil sharpener, is probably a form of endearment.
Leonard: Will you marry me? I'll give you my M&M's.
Ted: Bloody Skull of Death!
by Jerry the Gerbilizer February 10, 2005
Something this one emo kid named Dorkus decided to make fun of because he just "awoke" from a "chloroform-induced sleep interrupted by two baboons on the Dr. Phil show." Since then every single teenager besides Masta Funkinator has followed this trend like a giant flock of juicy chickens. I like to eat chickens.
Charles: OMG!! God = LIE!! WTF?! LOL!
Samantha: OMG!! OMG!! Marry me in Holy Matrimony!! WTF?!
Masta Funkinator: Shut your mouths, fools before I get my freak on!
by Jerry the Gerbilizer May 26, 2005
A suit used to convert one's outward appearance to the guise of a monkey. This term was most prevalent in the inspirational movie "Going Bananas" in which Bonzo, a midget woman from Los Angeles encounters an identity crisis, eventually winning the US Open all while fooling America into thinking she was a 7 year old monkey tennis champion.
Jim: You, sir, are wearing a monkey suit!
Marbles: (Tosses monkey excrement at Jim)
by Jerry the Gerbilizer February 05, 2005
Anagram for "My toe ulcer."
Jerry G: Isn't that interesting, Carlos?
Carlos: No.
by Jerry the Gerbilizer March 15, 2005

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