30 definitions by Jerome

A filter that fills up crap as it filter you breath.
Use a crapfilter your breath stinks
by jerome January 12, 2005
1. A spider for the squad Anti-Scrub, in Continuum.
2. The butt of every jr5 joke, ever.
1:jr5> Holydude> hi dudes
by Jerome May 28, 2004
1. A word short for Jurassic 5, a hip-hop band

2. The One, a continuum player of infinite skill.
1:Holydude> _/\0_
by Jerome May 28, 2004
An asteroid large enough to destroy some or all life on earth, were it to actually *hit* the earth.
We just had a near miss, a disasteroid bigger than the one that killed the dinosaurs passed between the earth and the moon yesterday!
by Jerome March 18, 2004
Combination of Eww, and Ill, meaning something nasty or nasty.
That girl drinks soy milk...EWILL!!!!
by Jerome October 04, 2003
When a man who has testicles, swings his scrotum sac from left to right in a fit of joy.
Chaz was knockin' nuts when Beyonka agreed to suck his twinkie-cream.
by Jerome June 16, 2006
dirty, soiled or defiled
about a dropped and broken jar of pickles... Hey Jerome gimmie one a 'em pilckes, reply, 'em pickles nawlty.
by Jerome July 25, 2003
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