30 definitions by Jerome

a hawaiian faggot, usually one who likes bigger white guys and enjoys sucking off mad dudes hardcore and taking it raw-dog in the ass. openly gay and rocks the high and gay/ eraser haricut.
yo slows you are a homo
by jerome March 24, 2004
69 toe fuck
popular gay sport
"Yeah, last night we fed the bear. Yeah it was fun. The fungus under his nail didn't bother me."
by Jerome January 22, 2004
Independant 15 year old girl named An.
Hey, there goes Anzy!!!
by Jerome October 06, 2003
an insult directed to someone who messed up. background me and my friends
quit being an asspunch you lost the keys now find them
by jerome October 17, 2004
A soap opera about an oil baron's dysfunctional family that ran from 1981 to 1989. It starred John Forsythe, Joan Collins and Linda Evans; and had its overall best ratings from 1982 to 1986.
You don't have to watch Dynasty to have an attitude.
by Jerome January 08, 2005
fine a** weed nucca, kills shwag, but kb (kine bud) kills it, but what u pay for, its f*ckin awesome
i got my bong nig,pass the bag o middie
by jerome November 09, 2003
A Continuum player who owns spider, base, and pretty much life in general.
1:Nosey> i own juice's nuts
by Jerome May 27, 2004
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