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3 definitions by Jerickson

The ability to look into the future and see yourself being a idiot and thereby stop yourself from becoming said idiot.
John almost bought the TwoDaLoo toilet but his forsight told him it might be a mistake.
by Jerickson February 01, 2009
Noun. Pronounced (T-erd-Mon-gul-er)

1.) A person or thing that mongles turds.
2.) One who collects or hords large numbers or quantities of crap or #%*!
3.) Any person or thing that brings dung or feces into their life in a rapid or consistant manner
4.) Jonathan Terrill
5.) One that is full of crap
Jeff: Jonathan told me that he was going to attack me.

Tucker: Did he also mention that I ate your last peice of cake?

Jeff: WHAT THE "F" Tucker?!

Tucker:Dude, calm down bra.

Jeff: You're such a turdmongler Tucker.

Tucker: So what about Jonathan?

Jeff: He's a turdmongler too.
by Jerickson September 01, 2009
1. An intensly powerful flooding deluge of awesomeness encapsulated in one feverish object of power and majesty.
2. Supa fly
3. Rad
4. Saweet
5. Bad Apple
6. Sick (The good kind)
7. Rawking
8. Off the _____(Place any object here. EG: Hook, Chain, Planet, Grass, Fence, Cow, or Banana)
Jeff: Dude. That UFC fight last nigh?
Kelly: I know?! Right bra?!
Jeff: Totally wikad.
Kelly: Righteous. Yea, wikad rad.
Jeff: I mean like, outrageously intense.

Kelly: Word.
by Jerickson May 09, 2009