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Noun. Pronounced (T-erd-Mon-gul-er)

1.) A person or thing that mongles turds.
2.) One who collects or hords large numbers or quantities of crap or #%*!
3.) Any person or thing that brings dung or feces into their life in a rapid or consistant manner
4.) Jonathan Terrill
5.) One that is full of crap
Jeff: Jonathan told me that he was going to attack me.

Tucker: Did he also mention that I ate your last peice of cake?

Jeff: WHAT THE "F" Tucker?!

Tucker:Dude, calm down bra.

Jeff: You're such a turdmongler Tucker.

Tucker: So what about Jonathan?

Jeff: He's a turdmongler too.
by Jerickson September 01, 2009
Noun: One who steals turds, a thief of turds
Tyler Reuter is such a turd mongler, he is always jacking all my turds!
by Kev Ward July 27, 2011
Noun: One who steals turds, a thieve of turds.
Tyler Reuter is a turd mongler, he loves to steal my turds!
by Kev Ward July 27, 2011
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