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1. a song that has been 'remixed'

2. another version of a popular song that has been given a different feel through a change of beat, vocals, guest artists, etc.

3. reworking of a song to create a new sound while retaining elements from the original song
Mariah Carey's 1995 #1 hit, "Fantasy (remix)," featuring Ol' Dirty Bastard started an entire generation of female singers teaming with Hip-Hop artist to make a hit.
by Jer March 31, 2006
the last lap of a race on a track, in which a gun is fired as the racer in first place completes the penultimate lap. this immediately causes a surge in adrenaline, and even though the racer is in more pain than most people can imagine, he or she immediately picks up the pace and goes balls to the wall.
"c'mon you can do it! the gun lap is all about balls to the wall! balls to the wall!"
by jer April 21, 2005
1. Unusually retarded; stupid.

2. Someone who is acting in an unusually foolish manner

See trippin
Adrian was so re-ray when he tripped up on the first date.
by Jer November 30, 2003
1. Something having the characteristics or style of Gwen Stefani

2. Someone who is confident in themself and is willing to make a shocking statement
Oh My Gosh! Talk about Gwenique! Did you see that ensemble Tonya was wearing?
by Jer November 30, 2003
The person you get therapy from after you have found out that someone in your grade has banged your mother.
I went to go visit Easyblue today. It was splendid and we had a tea party.
by jer November 18, 2003
V. The act of moving your hands in an outward motion as if swimming within the woman's vaginal area. Often used with a vulgar sound effect.
// \\
// \\
"Mmm, tasty! *pshpshpsh* Wait a moment, this tastes like piss."
by Jer March 29, 2005
To have sex with an incredibly ugly girl, only becuase you were drunk and desperate.
Joe: Dude, who was that chick walking out of your room this morning?

Jer: Was she hot?

Joe: No, she was butt ugly.

Jer: She was a beer fuck.
by Jer March 22, 2005

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