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2 definitions by Jenburger

A giant, pushy, stuffy woman, typically with an abnormally large ass, cotton pants, and a pushy attitude, who consumes (at times in mass quantities) the "Toscano" sandwich from the local Italian deli (which contains provolone cheese and spicy Italian sausage).
One can only assume that they also have a large turning radius, hence the "giant".
"That Giant Toscano Eating Bitch is back again!!"


"Most home ec teachers seem to look like Giant Toscano Eating Bitches."
by Jenburger December 07, 2007
The wristband issued by doormen and bouncers at night clubs.

These are often difficult to remove (and/or forgotten) after a night of drinking, and are frequently removed the day after clubbing. They are sometimes worn as badges--proudly, yet silently, proclaiming that you got shitfaced in a public location the night before.

Named after the wristbands issued at Wayne's Inn, Puyallup, Washington.
Amber, take off your freakin Wayne Chain. It's SUNDAY!!!!


I was at work on Saturday for over an hour before I remembered to take my Wayne Chain off.
by Jenburger August 10, 2008