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when you are arguing with your mom that you should be able to stay overnight at your freinds house and she only says the answer is no even though all the circumstances allow it.
dude can you spend the night
hold on ill call my mom and find out
hey mom can i spend the night at jonnys house?
why not, i finished all my homework
i dont care the answer is no
dude your mom is a fuckermother
by Jeffthegiraffemasta October 13, 2006
Often said by older males who are indeed high/drunk,when they can't get another beer or they are kidding around with their buddies. Other times just used to be a jackass

It's actually just the word motherfucker backwards,hence the drunkness or highness

Sometimes tooken offensive
1."FUCKERMOTHER! Where izz myy drik!?" (drunk ussage)
2."Dude what's in this crap? You crazy fuckermother! :D" (buddie ussage)
3."....You stupid fuckermother" (offensive ussage)
4. "FUCKERMOTHERS I OWN THE WORLD"(plain ol' being a jackass)
by FlippyHippy July 06, 2010
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