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A female who is so thin, or appears so light, that in woman-on-top sex, a gentle thrust would toss her into the air. This would cause her to fall back onto your penis in a large drop, similar to the ride "The Big Drop" in Six Flags amusement parks. This process can and should be repeated.
Kate Moss is such a Six Flags Bitch. I'd like to bounce her on my cock a few times.
by Jeff and Andrew March 13, 2006
A rare drink special found in a few taverns in the Chicago area. Named after foie gras, a delicacy banned in the city of Chicago, the Foie BLAH involves sticking a funnel down a patron's throat and pouring alcohol in until their liver is engorged to ten times its original size. After having a Foie BLAH the patron can never again enter the Chicago city limits, and is forced to retreat back into the suburbs. While the Foie Gras is reserved for the very rich, the Foie BLAH should not be attempted by anybody.
"I'm sorry sir, but the chart says you've had a Foie BLAH. You'll have to go to a suburban hospital to treat your alcohol poisoning."
by Jeff and Andrew May 08, 2007
A wad of that which is considered gay, either human, or object.
The jean jacket worn by Heath Ledger during Brokeback Mountain, when wadded up in the corner, is a gaywad. See also: Andy Dick.
by Jeff and Andrew January 27, 2006
A strong, alcoholic drink served primarily at Irish pubs and taverns. In a tall shot glass, a mixture of 2 parts Jameson whiskey is mixed with 1 part Chopin- a potato vodka. If served properly, it makes the bar patron vomit, grow week with hunger, and it will infect their daughter with cholera.
"Hey bartender, what are the drink specials?"

"Ní foclóir cuimsitheach acadúil atá ann ach a mhalairt Irish Potato Famine"

"...uh... I'll take an Irish Potato Famine?...OH NO! SUSIE!"
by Jeff and Andrew May 08, 2007
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