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A person, usually female, who is both sarcastic and extremely bitchy.
Dude, losing her was a blessing in disguise. She was a major sarcastabitch.
by Jebblebbles January 28, 2008
The sexual act of a man suspending his testicles to be massaged in between a woman's breasts. Sort of like a combination of teabagging and titty fucking.
Oh man, my girlfriend melonballed me last night. It made my balls feel good. You really need to try melonballing. It's the shiz.
by Jebblebbles February 13, 2008
Synonym for FALAFEL. Falafel is also called fartawful because it gives you smelly farts.
I had a fartawful sandwich for lunch today. It was tasty.
by Jebblebbles May 17, 2007
A coffee drink that is basically a very strong mocha. It is 2 shots of espresso, a squirt of sweet chocolate syrup and just a splash of milk or soy milk. Named after Josh Brown of Seattle, WA and invented by him in collaboration with the Victrola cafe'.
I walked into my usual cafe and when I reached the counter the barista said "Here's your joshiatto, ready to go!"
by Jebblebbles May 17, 2007
A rotisserie which is installed in a jacuzzi. This device allows you to roast meat while relaxing in the hot tub. You can even eat meat right off the bone from the comfort of the warm bubbling waters. Also see: jacuzzarisserie.
Oh Brenda, ever since Kip had a rotuzzi installed, we've been spending so much time in the hot tub. Kip's meat is so moist and juicy!
by Jebblebbles March 03, 2008
A sexual device for men which is inserted into the anus, and which grabs hold of the prostate. Comes in both regular and Excalibur models. Also see the prostate weasel.
Oh man... Karen used the prosticlaw on me last night and I exploded!
by Jebblebbles March 02, 2008
A pocket sized kite, sold through an infomercial, that is changing the lives of success minded individuals worldwide!
I was at the club and was getting rejected left and right. I never thought I'd score with these hot young babes. I thought I might be getting old or had just lost my touch! But when I took out my pocket kite the ladies took notice! I soon had a beautiful woman on each arm and a pocket full of phone numbers and a full date calendar. They told me the pocket kite looks so natural, you can't even tell it's not my real kite. Pocket kite, thank you for giving me back my mojo!
by Jebblebbles March 03, 2008

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