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From Latin meaning, a cum-guzzler, a pole smoker, a person who loves deez nuts in their mouth. A girl names Kelly who is a dike.
What did you have for lunch cock breath? Some cock?
by Jebus January 26, 2005
Annoying scenester broad that won't shutup
"lo lo, please, shutup."
by JEBUS August 04, 2004
when you seem stunned by something that someone says, then you sarcastically rip on em'
YEAAAAAH! ok then, i had nooo idea you liked the Gaytona 500!
by jebus January 15, 2004
when a fart causes a purple sock to wave uncontrollably in the air.
Nesto ate Taco Bell for lunch and had a huge case of the wind sock.
by jebus October 14, 2003
A joke of a league that runs "dumbed down" races and continues to betray the "vision" with which it was sold to it's fans.
The IRL get's lower TV ratings on ABC that a test pattern.
by Jebus January 06, 2005
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