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52 definitions by JeBus

1)referred to as "highway" in some areas
2)a place to drive your car at high speed limits; is often confused with DRIVEway
I'm going to take the parkway to get there
by Jebus July 04, 2003
Maple Ridge is boring...but good people
Jebus:Maple Ridge rocks yo

Wanka:nah..to boring
by Jebus December 19, 2003
get your bitch on at www.fadeawaybitch.com
we love urbandictionary.com!
jebus is tired with his job and has some juicy email threads from his boss that the world should see. he posted them on fadeawaybitch.com!
by jebus August 14, 2003
the sound that a penguin makes
At the zoo today, the penguins would not shut up; all you hear all day was gne, gne, gne!
by Jebus February 26, 2003
see pissed
Bloke 1: I drank 12 pints of stella last night

Bloke 2: Yeah mate, you were minging!
by jebus November 20, 2003
the one who is jesus
That stooch saved me, now i see the light
by Jebus May 20, 2003
see fucklarious
what did i just fucking say
by Jebus December 10, 2002