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52 definitions by JeBus

To have anal sex with a woman using ribbed condoms, leaving a "railroad" track.
Becky got railroaded last night, now she hurts.
by Jebus January 21, 2005
20 67
your face
ew your ugly
by jebus March 07, 2004
20 67
Generally performed by homosexuals; the act of stuffing a gerbil up one's butt. Once in the folds of the anus, the gerbil becomes claustrophobic and claws and digs, giving the homosexual pleasure. A string is often tied to the gerbil's tail to allow the gerbiller to pull it back out. Toilet paper roles may also be used to help launch the gerbil into the homosexual's butt.
My gay friend went gerbilling with Richard Gere.
by Jebus December 30, 2004
115 181
Your lord and savior. Bow down.
O dark lord I prostrate beforest thee.
by Jebus March 25, 2005
43 122
Adjective used to describe something that is real cool. Similiar slang terms are "Bitchin", "the Shit", and "Tits".
"My parents bought me a car for graduation."
"Wow, man! That's just herpes!"
by Jebus January 15, 2005
12 95
A.K.A Da Bellmeister, Life and soul of the Sofa Cru. Loved by some..Hated by many, Loving boyfriend to his Girlfriend Cerrie. Fucking hard bastard to everyone else.
Aidens top quotes:
- Calm yourself
- Chillax
- Pint of the usaul please Sean
- Butters!!
- Cunt
- Don't worry he's South African
"1. Why would i try it on with your girlfriend, mines much better than yours..now calm yourself"
by jebus May 01, 2004
14 115
A wimpy person. Someone who lacks backbone.
"Jenny hates spiders"
"She is such a wenus"
by Jebus June 02, 2003
17 142