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The reason why we men get morning wood and random boners. Even if we haven't seen her, read about her or ever heard about her.

Yep, she's that good.

Also, she would be a nice avatar for God.
Angelina Jolie. What else can you say?
by JcDent May 28, 2007
The long spanning game series, consisting of GTA, GTA 2, GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas. The first two (ant GTA London) are in top-down perspective nad the last three are 3D. Because in 2D you can't show anything very...bad..., they didn't get much attention from all sorts of crappy citizens, like soccer moms and lawyers nad other life-to-shit makers. The last three oparts, however, got much agression from before mentioned elemnts of society. It was blamed for porn, rise in crime and stuff. all this bikering and blabering only made a good advertising chamopaign. The game itself evolves in doing jobs for local criminals while using cars and guns in progress. while not on a mission, lot of people like to make fun by stealing cars (hence, Grand Theft Auto) and doing funny stuff with it. IMHO, can attract delusional kids to crime.
Soccer moms are a constant object of jokes in the radio of GTAs, just listen to WCTR (San Andreas) and VCPR(Vice city).
Vice city is also regarded as the best part of the series, despite the cool stuf in SA. I myself agree to the fact that VC plot is more interesting.
by JcDent June 12, 2006
Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947. A gun made in 1947 by Mikhail Kalashnikov. Very cheap. Has the best qualities of M1 Garand and StG 44. uses 7.62 × 41mm ammo. Widely used by terorists and soldiers of poor countries because of absurd cheapness and hy reliability. Reliability comes from lost of free space between parts inside the gun and cromed oparts (chromed parts are now in most of military weapons). Has absurd ammount of modifications, the most common is AK-74. Also, the latest versions use NATO rounds. Still, all AK look almost alike.
Weapon taht has made a tremendous impact to wolrd history and culture.
AK-47: Shoot your way to freedom
by JcDent June 12, 2006
If you are living in Lithuania and don't have much money at the same or live in a remote from city blocks neighbourhood, this is your primary internet provider. Well, it evolved from "Telekom", which also dealt in stationary home phones and internet.
Anyways, it was called TEO recently. To make it look cooler. I know it stands for something, but i didn;t bother to remember. Anyway, to look hip and cool and youthfull and shit, it also renamed internet from "TAKAS" (the path) to "ZEBRA" (d'uh), telephon to VOX (latint for voice) and began serving GALA digital TV. Anyway, it suck and it's not cheap.
As I was saying, internet. If you're an unlucky lad in the categories before mentioned, you'll have ZEBRA internet. If you're extremely unlucky, you'll have ZEBRA "BAZINIS" (basic) like your's truly. It's dial-up. It's from 17.00 to 8.00. It 32KB/s slow. Try playing MMO or MMORPG on that. It has extremely slow FTP server. It sucks. It rapes 39Lt/month. (about 20 bucks. To make it more american, let's just asume that you make 4K and pay 40 for net.)
So stop bitchin' about AOL.
I don't use subscribtion to "gamespot" and shit, because:
1) i don't have the money
2) My internet is ZEBRA, that is, i won't be able to finish downloads until my subscription is cancelled.
by JcDent May 02, 2007
1."Devil" without "d"
2.Good, but in the opposite meaning
1.I'm 'evil.
2.I'm evil
by JcDent June 11, 2006
Omnisent being. The creator of everything. Well, he began everything, bad things evolved because he made a strategic mestacke: gave people free will. So stop blaming him for everything, dipshits.
God is almighty. But he gave us free will. And we turned out to be a lawless bunch of gits
by JcDent August 18, 2006

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