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Crown of Ages. Unique Elite Corona.
CoA is a popular and rare item in Diablo II.
by JayZor December 26, 2006
From the word pwned, that is from the word owned.

Qwned is when you dominate something, someone, usually used in computer games.
I just qwned this n00b. (I just dominated this newbie)
by JayZor December 23, 2006
In Pokemon, it's a type of Pokemon living in grass.
They are called grass-type Pokemon.
Oh FU<K, my grass-type Pokemon Oddish got owned by this fire-type Charizard! *cry*
by JayZor December 26, 2006
Buy it now.

Often used in d2jsp forum.
n00b: I'll bin your 45 Pcomb 10 fg.
Me: Zomg stfu n00bzor!!
by JayZor December 23, 2006
Other word for emo.
Guy #1: Dude, is he a emo or a transvestite?
Guy #2: Idk, same thing...
by JayZor December 26, 2006

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