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When you do so much good (helping others, donating to charity, ETC.) that it actually excites you.
"I've done so much good... I have a soul boner." -- Neil Patrick Harris from How I Met Your Mother.
by Jason Piche November 21, 2005
to give a swift rogering, jolt, bump. Usually associated with a woman and her shaking the dice methods. Also can apply to boob groping.
When I was ready to finish I asked her to jostle me so I could get maximum enjoyment.
by Jason Piche October 25, 2005
The act of using one's fingers to perform sexual acts. Usually associated with the female vagina.
Stew and Erin had not had sex yet, but Stew often utilized the fingerplow which met her desires.
by Jason Piche October 25, 2005
A colon-dwelling fowl, native to the hineys of people that thrive off sucking the fun out of our lives - don't get an assduck.
Dude Fella #1: "I wonder if Mindy wants to go out tonight."
Dude Fella #2: "Nah, her ass duck won't let her go."
by Jason Piche December 01, 2005
Item/ thingy/ a slang word for anything you want really.
To turn it on you've got to hit that dooflicker over there.
by Jason Piche October 27, 2005
If your taint is missing what you would call the vagina/asshole that is there.
The girl with no legs, also lost her taint in the accident, but guys still fuck her vass.
by Jason Piche October 27, 2005
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