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An amazing girl from Texas who makes great Youtube videos with her amazing pet giraffe, Taches McGee. Her fans are amazing to her & they will take over the world one day! She expresses her love to her fans by "Wanting To Eat Their Face". She's very smart & understanding. She's very beautiful & has such a big heart towards everyone. She will defend the people she loves & has the most amazing determination towards her goals in life. She loves One Direction & plans to have a huge gathering with all her fans at a sleepover where they will all fangirl over them. She doesn't like Nutella & loves Smaug from the movie, "The Hobbit". Her pen-pal in Montana called dibs on the air-mattress.
"Hey did you see that girl walk by? She looks like Janelle Life, that girl who does amazing Youtube videos"
"I would love to eat your face" -Janelle Life
by Janellet<3 May 07, 2013
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