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Something overwhelmingly badass.
The second Hobbit movie was so SMAUG!!!
by DarkFlameSquirrel December 17, 2013
1. n--the sulky, angry (but very impressive) dragon from Tolkein's tale, The Hobbit, whose secret weakness was a spot on his left breast unprotected by scales.
2. n, slang--someone who puts up a big front of power to conceal his/her balls.
3. v--to put up a big front of power to conceal one's balls
1. Smaug reared up to show his massive strength and power, but Bilbo pointed out the flaw in his armor.
2. Bush is a huge smaug; he's always trying to hide the fact that his brain is full of balls behind a bunch of pointless aggression.
3. Dude, quit smauging--it's ok that you don't always have the answer.
by bodhibound November 02, 2007
1. The kickass dragon from J.R.R Tolkien's THE HOBBIT.
2. My hamster.
Smaug likes running on his plastic wheel.
by PaulJar the Pornostar November 15, 2003
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