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Book written by J. R. R. Tolkien in 1937. Arguably one of the best fantasy books in the world. Having a huge fanbase that spreads across generations, it is widely known throughout the western world. There will be a movie for it in 2012.
The hobbit is one of the best fantasy books of its time. Anyone of any age should read this absolute masterpiece
by BTTRPR November 27, 2011
A young blond hair man, at St. Francis University, that creeps around St. Francis Hall, lurking in, and out of Jesse's / Ian's room. Hobbit
The Hobbit was lurking in the shadows today.
by Chris M. M September 02, 2008
An evil killer with a white face and skin, black eyes, a long robe, and has one curly hair on his head. He is very evil. BEWARE
Susie: OMG! look behind you its the hobbit!
George: aaaaaaaahhhh!
by Anonymys January 05, 2005
A sex move during the standard missionary position (man on top woman on bottom), where once the woman is finished (either achieving orgasm or loss of interest) she raises her knee to her chest, places her foot on the man's chest and kicks him off of her.

I'm tired of this, get off me or I'll use the Hobbit on you. -I Invented it.
by TeenageDirtbag February 20, 2007
the worst book in the world. lord of the rings is a sequel. you might have to read it in 7th or 8th grade for summer reading or just during school. its more of a boys book. and it was made into a play (worst play ever).
Girl 1: hey did you like our summer reading book, the hobbit?
Girl 2: Nah, it wasn't very good and its more of a boys book.
Girl 1: yeah that's true.
by theaterchickie August 22, 2009
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