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The couple name for Jack and Kate on the show LOST.
Did you see that Jate scence in last night's episode? OMG!

by janmgii April 11, 2007
The section leader of the saxophone section, often arrogant.
noob: Who's that?
other guy: That's the saxtion leader.
noob: Eww.
by janmgii April 10, 2007
A sectional held by the saxophone section, often conducted by the saxtion leader.
Clarinet: Hey ugly, wanna hang out?

Saxophone: No, I have to go to saxtionals.
by janmgii April 10, 2007
Used to describe an awkward event which takes places in the band room or involving band related persons.

Also pronounced "ban-awkward"

Band geek one: Dude, Ron just took off his pants in the lockerroom.
Band geek two: That's bandawkward.
by JanMGII April 10, 2007
The couple name of Jack and Juliet on the ABC program LOST.
Jacket is alright, but Jate is fate.
by janmgii April 11, 2007
An acronym use for the "band room" often used by band geeks.
Band Geek: This class sucks, I'm going to the BR.

Student: Are you taking the bus home today?
Band Geek: No, I have to go to the BR.
by janmgii April 10, 2007

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