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When a boner is supressed to the extent that it becomes miss shapen and deformed.
I got a boner in church and smashed down my package so the minister wouldn't see. Now I have a mandrel bent.
by Jamie Brown February 04, 2004
A direct and deliberate blow to a piece of male genatalia with the intent to drop him.
Damn, he got nadicalized hard.
by Jamie Brown February 04, 2004
To bust a steaming load of seamen on the back of a member of the opposite sex.
I was plowing her from behind, then pulled out and splucked on her back.
by Jamie Brown February 04, 2004
a bump on a cuban males genatalia srategically placed to come in contact with the clitoris during the act of intercourse.
My pearl helps get her off.
by Jamie Brown February 04, 2004
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