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A test of a persons knowledge on how to evacuate a building in a orderly and timely matter in the case of emergencies such as fires, gas leaks, and bomb threats.
You can expect fire drills in the following places. daycares, K-12 schools, college/university residential dorms, some apartments, hospitals, high rise buildings, your own home (maybe, my home does not), government buildings (all levels), and in some cities/states commerical businesses.
by James Westerfield January 03, 2004
County in Florida that was once part of Orange County and today borders Orange, Lake, and Volusia counties. The population is about 250,000.
Most voters in Seminole County are registered as Republicans (like my mother and her side of the family), but not me i am a registered as a Democrat (like my father and his side of the family).
by James Westerfield January 03, 2004
The name given for the Columbia Pictures logo featuring a woman with a torch.
The Torch Lady went through many variations over the years since it's inception in 1924.
by James Westerfield January 03, 2004
Online transaction service owned by eBay.
PayPal is a common payment method in transactions and auction payments.
by James Westerfield January 03, 2004
What happens in Cleveland when you fall asleep at the control panel of a power plant.
"This is what caused the massive blackout in New York, Cleveland, Toronto, and Detroit amongst other places."
by James Westerfield February 15, 2004
1)Part of the song title, A Brave New World from Aladdin.

2)A movie/tv production company and broadcasting company that ended up in the hands of News Corporation in 1997.

3)A discovery of a new piece of land.
Christopher Columbus discovered the New World that he would called America in 1492.
by James Westerfield January 03, 2004
Shorthand word form for Columbia Pictures. A movie studio in existance since 1920 (although the name did not come until 1924).
Coca-Cola once owned Columbia from 1982-1989 and Sony owns Columbia from 1989 to the present.
by James Westerfield January 03, 2004

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