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Farting underneath the blankets while someone is under them with you.
I can't believe my brother just dutch-oven'd me! Sick!
by James Jarvis August 05, 2004
Shitting so bad it speckles the inside of the toilet bowl.
I'll be right back, I've got to freckle the bowl.
by James Jarvis August 23, 2005
A sexual term used for shocking the "victim". It is displayed like a "Two in the pink, one in the stink" hand gesture, except that when the hand is inserted, the fingers are then spread (hand may also be twisted), giving the person a sense of shock.
She's pretty hot, I think I'll take her home and give her the shocker.
by James Jarvis August 23, 2005
Laying a fart in the cushion of a couch so precisely that the next person who sits down on it will get a blast of nasty butt!
Heh, heh... I just left a depth-charge for George.
by James Jarvis August 05, 2004
Something that causes your dick to go turtle.
Ah, dude! That girl just made me go midgeted!!!
by James Jarvis August 23, 2005
The most deadliest of all S.T.D.'s. It is the combination of Herpes, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and AIDS.
Thanks to herpegonosyphilaids, I can't even breathe around others without getting them infected!
by James Jarvis January 25, 2005
Something so nasty, it forces you to gag.
Dude, that food is gagnasty...
by James Jarvis August 05, 2004

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