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verb \ˈtərn\ˈwən\ˈaüt\ˈbī\ˈhand\

a euphemism for masturbation.
Billy: "Where the hell are you going, Josh? You're gonna miss the best part!"
Josh: "Oh...I, uh...I just gotta take piss..."
Billy: "uh huh...well, you just go ahead and turn one out by hand, but I'm not-
Josh: "Fuck you, dude! I told you, I gotta take a piss!"

Billy: "Whatever, but I'm not rewinding it until I'm done. I wanna finish this thing before my parents get home."
by Jambo_11 May 09, 2013
(noun) - the act of a person taking a friend with them to see a new movie at a theater, and paying for both tickets, for the purpose of making a potentially bad movie (i.e. a turd) more enjoyable for them.
Boy 1: Hey, Jimmy! I really wanna go see the new Spiderman movie, but I need some Turd Insurance. You interested?
Boy 2: Sure, but you're buying, right?
Boy 1: Of course! I'll even throw in popcorn and a drink, if you promise to sit through the whole thing.
by Jambo_11 July 20, 2012
The effect of a person's attractiveness being dramatically improved by a singular event or series of subsequent events.
Dude, I saw a real cutie at Blockbuster earlier. At first, she was just "okay" looking, but then she said something to her friend, and she had an Australian accent! Needless to say, the Seven-Eleven Effect took her from a 6 to solid 9!
by Jambo_11 September 05, 2011
noun \ˈdrī-den-əst\

Someone who strongly adheres to the pretentious practices championed by John Dryden, circa 1672: not ending sentences, phrases or clauses with a preposition.
Student 1: "Hey, how did you do on your essay?"

Student 2: *sigh* "She gave me a C-. C-! All because I had 'dangling prepositions!' Hell, I'd like to 'dangle' her...from that tree out front. Goddamn Drydenist.

Student 1: "Ha ha ha. Well, what do you expect from a pretentious bitch like her?"
by Jambo_11 August 19, 2012
noun \ˈlä-lə-pə-ˈpō-zər\

Someone other than a music listener who goes to music festivals, like Lollapalooza, simply to look cool and have something to brag about; typically, they don't care about the music, let alone like it.
Person 1: So...did you hear? Josh wen-

Person 2: -went to Ozzfest, I know. You know, I know, and everyone at school probably knows. I think he Tweeted it while he was still there.

Person 1: *rolls eyes* Jeez, he's such a lollapa-poser. He's not even that big into music.
by Jambo_11 August 14, 2012
Noun: a play on the name "Obsidian," which is a video game development company that prides itself on making mediocre sequels to largely successful titles.
Gamer 1: That new RPG is coming out next month! Obsidian made it, and it looks really good!

Gamer 2: Yeah, but Absurdian also developed Fallout: New Vegas. Remember how buggy that was when it came out? Don't waste your money on their new release; wait until it gets down to $20. By then, they should have some of the bugs fixed.
by Jambo_11 August 04, 2012

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