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Pronounced "week", similar to being weak (I.E. low on energy), this is the state of total exhaustion / soreness following an intense gaming session on the Nintendo Wii.
"Dude, I'm so Wiik I can barely lift my arms...this Wiikend really burned me out"
by Jakey Jake December 13, 2006
The act of depositing excrement into ones own hand and slapping the hot steamy load on top of the head or your lover before, during or after sex.
Man: "God babe, you've totally got me so hot, I think I'm gonna' shit myself"
Woman: "Oh wait...do it in your hand!"
Man: (bowell noises) "What the fuck...this is nasty!" Smack!
Woman: "Oh Yes! My own hairy hairy winston!"
by Jakey Jake April 30, 2006
Pronounced Spa-lah-ma-lah, Extraordinary ugliness. Looks not unlike someone whos face has caught on fire and been extenguished with a rake.
"Dude, stay away from that bitch! she's straight spalamlah homey..."
by Jakey Jake February 06, 2006
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