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Pronounced "week", similar to being weak (I.E. low on energy), this is the state of total exhaustion / soreness following an intense gaming session on the Nintendo Wii.
"Dude, I'm so Wiik I can barely lift my arms...this Wiikend really burned me out"
by Jakey Jake December 13, 2006
The 7 days following the initial purchase of a Nintendo Wii, where you are so completely obsessed with it that you become a hermit in your living room.
Joe: "Hey, I called you last Monday but you never picked up. Where were you?"
Alex: "Dude, sorry, i was having a wiik."
by Caitlinsroses January 28, 2010
When one is very bad at the Nintendo Wii.
Man, this guy is wiik.
Lawl noob.
by Tiinie Wiinie November 04, 2010
Wiiks are geeks who love the Nintendo Wii

(a positive connotation)
John: Hey Stephen, why is there a line of people outside of Best Buy?

Stephen: Oh, those are wiiks waiting for the new nintendo console.
by Sylvia November 24, 2006
A contraction of the words Wii (Nintendo's gaming system) and geek. Used to describe the geek-like habits of Wii users, most notably in the creation of Miis.
He churned out 20 new celebrity Miis last night. He's quite the wiik.
by Colorado Wiik June 01, 2007
Last name of a serious fag. Especially those with the name "Erik".
Torolf Wiik sucks dick.
by Claire October 10, 2003
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