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A word that I wish people would actually use when they're supposed to.
<C> Your dumb!
<JB> It's "you're". Idiot.
by Jagfire June 20, 2003
A source for viruses.
<hau> I'm running low on viruses, any suggestions?
<die> KaZaA
by Jagfire March 10, 2003
Elite/l33t/31337 hax0rz are hackers. If they really talk like this, they're probably not elite nor hackers at all. But play along with them.
iM 3lit3 - HaXoRz iLl hAcXkZ J00 AlL LaMu3rZ@@~
by Jagfire March 10, 2003
by Jagfire May 03, 2003
Good way to annoy people that ask too many questions.
<bob> Huh?
<bob> I don't get it
<bob> wait, why?
<Jag> yermom
by Jagfire March 10, 2003
"laughing out loud", with other irrelevant words. lol
<hi> u suck
<hi> lole~
by Jagfire May 03, 2003
Commonly used slang term for "Laughing out Loud" or "lol", but this is generally used by FREAKING IDIOT LAMERS THAT CAN'T TYPE ENGLISH CORRECTLY. Mostly those AIM chicks that type in rotating caps. But either way, it's lame.
HiYe~~e WhAtzs Up? iM so TirEd LoLz
by Jagfire March 10, 2003

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