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An average, rundown, blue collar, mostly middle income suburban village that is often called "ghetto" by NWI residents.
Munster Kid: So you are from Lansing, Illinois?

Lansing Kid: Yes, I am.

Munster Kid: How ghetto.
by Jag140 September 03, 2011
Although television is relatively stupid in general, most shows were still too classy, elegant, and intelligent for some people to watch. A TV network that "relates greatly to music" had decided to create a stereotypical show that only people with low intelligent could watch. This show has no real point other than to show people with so much tan that they look like an ugly traffic cone get into fights. The general audience of this show include: Stoners, Pregnant Teenagers, Dumb Blondes, Douchebags, and arrogant morons. Anyone with a reasonable mind and a small trace of sanity would be able to identify that this show is a bundle of crap and insults the entire country.
Jersey Whore Fan: "Yo man, you wanna watch Jersey Shore?"

Me: "No thanks, I would rather watch something more entertaining, like paint drying."
by Jag140 August 05, 2011
Firearms are used for several reasons
-Cheating in a knife fight
-Commiting Crimes
-Destroying small objects out of boredom
-Target Practice
These tools first came around in China with the work of gunpowder. Europe began using firearms in the late 1300s. In the 1500s, the arquebus arrived and anyone could be recruited into the army in a short time, thus knights or any other honorary soldier that had spent a years to a lifetime training weren't needed as little skill was involved in operating a gun. In modern times, many countries have banned them, but they remain common in criminal hands. Although most firearm owners are honest non-criminals, any idiotic scum can get their hands on a firearm, giving it a bad reputation, and giving politicians thought about banning specific guns. There is much controversy in this issue, afterall some people just like going duck hunting with 155mm howitzers, and small concealable silenced automatic weapons designed for murder are perfectly safe after all.
"Firearms are great"-Chuck Norris
by Jag140 July 10, 2011
The word gay is an informal way to say homosexual or to describe that someone is glad. It is most commonly used today though (mainly by Pre-Teens and younger teenagers) to describe something that is stupid or weird. That term is generally used as a mild and nonoffensive insult to someone or something or an unfortunate occurence.

Bob: Dammit, I got another detention today for being late to class.

Carl: That sucks. That is really gay.
by Jag140 August 06, 2011

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