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Just some soppy shit that teenagers go on about, but old fellas always crack up when you mention it
Frank: But I LOVE her dad

Dad: Son, thats your cock talking
by Jade Lotus July 10, 2005
A person who for a job or pleasure grapples errect peni and beats them into submission
James: Holy shit, that dudes dick is hanging out!

Fanny: ALL their dicks are hanging out

Sally: Someone call a cockwrangler!
by Jade Lotus July 08, 2005
Someone who freaks out easily when things happen
Jack: Fuck dude, some guy is banging your girlfriend!

Jethro: Sheit, she's just grapling with my cousin, you big ole alarmer! Why don't you get over here and have a munch of my cock cheese
by Jade Lotus July 10, 2005
The shit that comes from your dick when you ejaculate
Dave: What is that shit on that goats chin?

Frank: It's his gunge, dude. They always blow their shit on their chin when they are excited

Dave: Cool
by Jade Lotus July 08, 2005
Any cheese with blue veins
Jack: Whats that youre eating there, Sandra?

Sandra: Cock cheese

John: Smells good
by Jade Lotus July 08, 2005
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