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1) <noun> A name for any thick, sticky substance that has no particular identity.

2) <verb> Slang; To gunge; To ejaculate.
1) "I've got gunge all over my boot from walking in that marsh."

2) "I gunged on your face."
by Stuart Fletcher February 17, 2005
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any sticky, nasty, and or unidentifiable substance often found under diner booths and on cafeteria floors.
damn, i got some green gunge all over my new kicks
by curmbox January 18, 2005
The shit that comes from your dick when you ejaculate
Dave: What is that shit on that goats chin?

Frank: It's his gunge, dude. They always blow their shit on their chin when they are excited

Dave: Cool
by Jade Lotus July 08, 2005
semen, male reproductive fluid
the girl in the movie took her dress to the dry cleaners to get the gunge off
by Jason S. May 30, 2005
Pot, weed etc. Smoking weed.
"Rockin' the gunge!" - Jay in the film Dogma.
by Short Al May 22, 2006

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