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A individual who lasso's, or tethers a cock with his or her hands
"you Fucking Cock Wrangling bitch, i knew you were gay"
by Mario November 02, 2004
38 14
One who wrestles male genitalia for recreational purposes.
John went downtown today with the bros and they got naked and wrangled each others cocks, no homo. He was the cock wrangler for the afternoon.
by ShortyJ8911 December 01, 2010
16 5
A person who for a job or pleasure grapples errect peni and beats them into submission
James: Holy shit, that dudes dick is hanging out!

Fanny: ALL their dicks are hanging out

Sally: Someone call a cockwrangler!
by Jade Lotus July 08, 2005
10 3
1. A homosexual cowboy
2. A female that takes pleasure in giving overly aggressive blowjobs, often seeming to wrangle the cock into submission.
1. Cowboys like that love cock are cock wranglers
2. Man, Kristin is such a cock wrangler, she almost destroyed my dick.
by plundy November 13, 2008
10 6
Anyone who kills you in Call of Duty.
Hey bro dude, that bro who just killed me on Call of Duty is a Cock Wrangler.
by butts-butts-butts July 16, 2011
5 2
A gay cowboy.
We could clearly see he was a cockwrangler, evinced by the cowboy hat he wore and the buff gentleman on his arm.
by Reed Saint James May 16, 2003
5 3
A gay man who is always hitting on other guys and trying to get other men to have sex with them most of the time its a pathetic desperate way and very noticeable.
A gay man walked into a bar a sat down right next to another man a says "your looking very nice tonight wanna get a lil more comfortable big man" ? The non-gay man socks the gay guy in the face so fucking hard he swallows all of his teeth and falls to the ground. The non gay guys says "fucking cock wrangler no balls for you to night" !
by Cold Steel RED HORIZON September 01, 2007
21 22