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6 definitions by Jackelope

Somebody who did something stupid (like have sex with a large girl) while under the influence of the dunkel (an amazing beer).
Jack - Did you sleep with Mary last night, you brought her home?
Kevin - Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking.
Jack - You got totally dunkeled.
Kevin - Three liters of dunkel was a bad idea.
by Jackelope January 13, 2007
Somebody that puts off something that needs to be done with an excuse that is obvious.
Jack - Dude I totally didn't do my homework last night.
John - It is due tomorrow dude.
Jack - Yeah, I had to take my girldfriend's grandpa's friend's cousin's step-sister's dog for a walk. It took at least 3 hours, so I didn't have time. I'll do it when I have a chance.
John - Haha, dude that is so an originasticate.
Jack - Shut the hell up. It happened. Douche.
by Jackelope January 13, 2007
A freaky whore who is obsessed with hermit crabs, is in love with a fat ass geek named Thunderangek, and uses word combos involving the gayest words on earth,example-dickcheese and n00bser(n00b & loser). Also says things that don't even hurt.
1.the crabbygal thinks about McDonalds this way: Hamburger:DO NOT EAT. Coke: BEER. Fries:POISON.
by Jackelope February 07, 2006
Something you do that will get the person you are doing it to extremely frustrated. <See Beerfest.> Popo will show you the way.
Jim - Stop that shit, it is totally frustrating.
Jack - Its frustrating...Frustrating, Its so frustrating, frustrating, its frustrating, frustrating.

*Jack gets punched in the face by Jim*
by Jackelope January 13, 2007
A feeling that is felt for those who have slept with somebody who is way below their level.
I'm so sympathetic that you slept with Jane. She weighs like 250 and is 5'6. You drank way too much dunkel dude. In fact you were dunkeled.
by Jackelope January 13, 2007
To get screwed over as the Jews did when Hitler decided to massacre them all. Meaning you are getting screwed over for no reason.
I got jewed when that girl gave me 3 drinks when I paid for five.


-Dude, I only got half of my fries.
-Yeah, you tottally got jewed.
by Jackelope January 13, 2007