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Short for Pussy Hound
Mike is a notorious PH
by Jackal March 31, 2005
EU is the European Union, a cooperation between most European countries.

It was originally founded after WWII as a peace initiative. The idea was that with close cooperation between countries, military conflicts would be made impossible.
The EU had 15 member states before 2004.
by jackal March 08, 2005
People who wear addidas and nike, and who follow the major trends in footwear and sports gear, mainly found at secondary schools, in the Leeds area
Look at that group of scranners over there, or that kids a right scranner
by Jackal July 21, 2003
To perform oral sex.
Driving down the Highway 401, the truckers could see that she was giving me some fine gamahuche.
by Jackal October 17, 2004
"Big Ass Tits"
Breasts that are enormously large, but on a body that is not
Mike's girlfriend has B.A.T.s, but she's skinny as hell
by Jackal November 24, 2003
the dick of a mule
wow, alex hilt sucked the viewl
by jackal September 17, 2003

also see NRBs (no reason boner)
random erections, a guy will get while sitting in class or at his desk, or any time when he is not thinking of sex
by Jackal November 19, 2003
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