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1.)A five dollar bill (U.S. or Canadian Currency)
2.)A half gram of chronic
3.)Or buying a half dime for a fin.
(Dime is .8 weighed out in chronic)
"Can I get a half a g"
"Yea sure throw me that fin"
by jack October 31, 2004
Mexican restaurant made famous and by a white guy. Notice the last word "bell" and mexicans are not in the commercials.
White Guy: I'd love the granday supreme.poor favor.
Mexican: Yo esay! Will that complete your order?(under breath)pinche gringo.
by Jack April 22, 2005
This is what people in flordia call Hydro or the really good marijuana ya know the chronic shit like that
Nah he don't smoke the krip, he doesn't want to go crazy....
by jack March 15, 2005

AOL is a waste of time money, and over all big piece of over rated crap
by jack March 06, 2004
When anything has no momentum whatsoever.
Wow, Lieberman's campaign has got some real joementum... It's going down the drain...
by Jack January 29, 2004
A mix between the words: SWEET & SEXY=SWEXY.
Girl, your hair is really SWEXY.
by Jack August 11, 2004
Another disease that the media is trying to scare us with, along with monkey pox, SARS, and ebolia. Also something that George W. is trying to use to scare people into trusting him again. A disease which is probably more bull shit then anything else.

According to worst case estimates, you have a 97% chance of never getting bird flu and a 99.4% that you will not die from bird flu.
"Stop scaring us with diseases we will never get. First, it was SARS, then it was monkey pox, West Nile, and now Asian bird flu. Which doesn't scare me because I'm not a sparrow in Thailand. Mysterious Asian diseases just don't come knocking on your door unless you're Neil Bush."

-Bill Maher

"100,000 people could be infected with-in days!"
-George Bush
by Jack November 01, 2005

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