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330 definitions by Jack

A nickname for Batman and Robin
Will the Joker prove to be too much for the dynamic duo?
by Jack December 30, 2004
Slut that will do anything (for free/money) you tell her to.
by Jack September 04, 2003
The term Mercedes Benz uses for their supercharged models.
The SL55AMG comes has badges that say "V8 Kompressor", meaning it has a supercharged V8.
by Jack February 26, 2005
wen a guy puts his balls in a womans mouth
her mouth was nice and big, good for t-baggin
by Jack February 19, 2004
The outer lips of a womans vagina; especially if large and protruding.
My wife has large meatflaps.
by Jack August 09, 2003
Son of Godzilla!
--- -- ---------
Gonna open up a big ole can of whoopass on Mothra.
by Jack September 20, 2004
A play on the word "Zelda," of Nintendo's popular "Legend of Zelda" video game series. It refers to the cel-shaded graphical style of the "Wind Waker" installation of the series on Nintendo's Gamecube system. The word mainly has a negative connotation, as most fans were disappointed with the initial look of the game.
Zelda? More like CELDA!!
by Jack March 04, 2005