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An older gay man who like young gay bois. In other words, he likes "chicken."
He won't go for you, he's a chicken hawk, and you are 28.
by JSP March 19, 2005
That special moment when a person really, really, really has to take a dump. It is so bad the shit is poking up like a prairie dog in and out of his hole.
I've got to find a bathroom fast, I'm prairie dogging it.
by JSP March 19, 2005
the action of tempting another rider to race on the public roads. Usually results in a "Go to Jail" card.
"honest M'lud, Mr X was goading me with his Firestorm at the time"
by JSP May 17, 2004
Name For a Badass mofo who pwns all the rest
Hey PoRf Whats up?
by JSP April 14, 2004
To improve your lazy ass! GET UP!
Damn, this person's art skillz is so good I need to ameliorate over his ass.
by JSP July 01, 2003
Closeted gay man. More than meets the eye.
Don't date him man, he's really a decepticon, with kids.
by JSP March 19, 2005
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