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nobody in germany uses über for super...
it means above...
the nose is über the mouth
hr hr hr...
by JS February 22, 2005
A very talented young woman singer/guitar player. Her first album out is Flutterby.
Check it out on amazon.com, especially 'Life is Short' and track #4 (sorry, can't remember the title now)
by JS March 14, 2004
acronym for "god have mercy on us all"
Bush was reelected! ghmoua!
by js January 01, 2005
internet acronym meaning "panicking in front of computer"
Am pifoc trying to get this paper done by Friday.
by js March 01, 2005
having a wank, using just the one hand
i decided to confirm with the president after finding this picture of your mother
by Js March 04, 2005
A very fast, reliable and cheap gaming server company who also provide access to teamspeak2 servers.

Running on high-speed servers with incredible back-bone connections, the company is easily one of the best game serves around.

Just give techno-gaming a call, they are tha shiznit!
by JS February 02, 2005
Alot of money. dough bling bling
That dude bought two mercedes benz's yesterday. He got some fattie oka
by JS June 07, 2004
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