58 definitions by JOJO

When ya blast a huge fart, along with a hunk o' poo.
Fuck! I gotta go back to the car. I shot an oyster on that last one.
by jojo August 24, 2004
a bad musician
i think that justin timberlake is a friggin fantozzi
by jojo January 20, 2004
a boy defoted 2 playing football and i love hima nd allways will lol i wish he was here wid me lol bt he cnt b coz he dnt feel tat way 2 me
he ahs dislocated his shoulder and is out ov fotti 4 a month or 2
by jojo July 26, 2004
My Definition is a belief is so strong that I am so powerful even more powerful than god
I am paronaid of all things and make sure all my phones are not tapped
I say bring it on to take over the world
Any one standing in my way is un patrotic
I am to powerful for my boots
Bring it on we can take the world
I hear voices
You know I am god and he made me do it
by JOJO August 01, 2004
the coolest person on earth :)
jojo the mojo aka anne aka sobatsoku on rs :)
by jojo July 24, 2004
fannybit is a rabbit with a fanny stuck to its face and its tail is a leg and its lefy eye is a fag
that guy looks like as "fannybit" lets go shoot him with cross bows.
by jojo February 23, 2005
Dumbass, stupid, slow, retard, ignorant.
Actin'a pfucka all of the sudden.
by Jojo October 17, 2003
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