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A large grey animal from africa and asia.
I went to see the elephant at the zoo today
by Jojo August 09, 2004
A sister fucker
If you fuck your sister, your a bhanchod.
by jojo November 27, 2003
dangerous islamic weapon
i dont think we need an example
by jojo November 30, 2004
Of ethereal beauty; extremely beautiful; usually referring young girl with perfect features, blond hair and light eyes.
Karen is angelically beautiful.
by jojo November 30, 2004
Popular character in the Playstation game, Metal Gear Solid (mostly due to her sweet sweet rack). A member of the FOXHOUND squadron and expert sniper. Born in the middle East, she was later taken to America by big boss. She is killed by solid snake during a terrorist takeover of a nuclear disposal facility.
Does anybody know the code to see Sniper Wolf naked?
by jojo December 23, 2004
The best indie foursome in the history of all thing indie! They are amazing live and they are all so hot mostly jenny shes like an orgasim!
Man lets go listen to some rilo...
by jojo August 16, 2004
Abbreviation for West Edmonton Mall - the largest mall in the world filled with some of the dumbest tourists in the world.
Some actual questions asked of the merchants working there:

"What's upstairs?" (It's a mall, duh, more stores!)

"Where is the ice-skating rink?" (The one you're standing in front of, bonehead!)

And too many more stupid questions to list.
by JoJo July 23, 2004
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