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57 definitions by JOJO


washburn.........A women who likes a clean beaver. And mows the lawn so vigorously it creates friction....
Boy she really knows how to Washburn a women....

Boy can she really eat beaver look at her mow that lawn.
by Jojo January 25, 2004
A Hindu or anything that realtes to Hindus and their cultures.
The Hindus sing Ting ting music.
by Jojo November 29, 2003
The perfect type of music, that can release ur iner anger, and turn it itno good
Heavy Metal Rules
by JoJo December 31, 2003
andrew hayes
im andrew hayes and im such a wanksta
by jojo May 16, 2004
the leader of a clan in the fictional universe of battletech.
My khan, we have 3 enemy Summoners at 320
by jojo November 30, 2004
in mah opinion is ne word foh fooseball..buh i aint sure,,^^
yoo..letz play a game of jitz alright?..
by JoJo July 16, 2004
something that should have never been invented
that gun killed that little girL! (guns dont kill people... people kill people
by jojo March 23, 2005