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When i was twelve i was six three, when i went to play championships for our basketball tournament this guy said, "That guy must eat furniture he's huge!"
Shaq eats furniture.
by JOE_BLOW April 03, 2004
A stupid ass clan from an online multiplayer game called graal.
Omg the blazian dickfaces hired a hitman because they are pussies and dont want me pwning there leaders.
by JOE_BLOW April 03, 2004
A stupid noob in a dress retard bounty hunter that lived in the forest and killed me and my friends and stole our money to buy ammo for his gun in graal.

Every time he kills you he shoots you in the groin, so when you are resurrected in the hospital, it looks like you pissed your pants.

He uses a trainer to walk over walls, and because of this he is sent to the jailhouse allmost every hour.

He is a fucking lame noob that sucks dick.
Wild bill fucking pked me ten times in a row infront of the hospital.
by JOE_BLOW April 03, 2004

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