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A tummy with a bellybutton (preferably a woman's)
( . )( . )


) . (




the female form via texting
by JNote November 26, 2009
To be impressed with someone's "outness"

To commend outed people on their accomplishments
I am very Outpressed with how far Ellen has come since her sitcom.

I am very Outpressed in the way Adam Lambert jumped his bandmate on stage.
by JNote May 06, 2010
An adjective which describes something that is wack.

(The term has nothing to do with being gay)
"The FAG bus is late again!"

Clint: "Hey Tommy, do you want to play marbles with me after school"


Clint:"Why not?"

Tommy: "Cause marbles are FAG"

Or in relation to someone:

Tina: "You're FAG"

Becky: "Um, I believe you're FAG"

(note the absence of "a" in the last quote, which would be a completely different word and meaning)
by JNote October 22, 2009
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