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The fastest browser on Earth and simplty the best internet experience.
Using Opera lets me browse porn faster.
by jmm July 04, 2003
1) Where you go to talk with other sophisticated beings like yourself for free on your own personal computer.

2) The place where dreams will become a reality and your life will be forever enjoyable.

3) A colossal time waster.
Joe Luser was looking for other arrogant assholes to talk with so he started up mIRC.
by jmm June 29, 2003
Someone who camps or avoids all combat at an attempt of getting himself all available weapons in an online game, such as Doom.

A cheat.
"Stop being a weapon pikey asshole, I only have a handgun!"
#cheat #cunt #asshole #pikey #loser #camper
by JMM June 22, 2006
A deformity of the penis, in which the urethra opens upon its under surface.
Look at his penis, he's got hypospadias!
by jmm July 04, 2003
S.P.E.R.M. is a system of classifying causes and effects in historical study. The classifications are Social, Political, Economic, Religious, Military and sometimes Scientific. Virtually every event or idea can be classified in one of these six ways. Sometimes a single event, especially more complex events, can be classified in more than one way.
Use S.P.E.R.M. to classify the various causes of the rise of Islam. Be sure you consider all of the facets.
by jmm June 27, 2003
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