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A deformity of the penis, in which the urethra opens upon its under surface.
Look at his penis, he's got hypospadias!
by jmm July 04, 2003
A medical condition, occurring in about 1 in 300 live male births, in which the urethra opens somewhere between the underside of the head and the base of the penile shaft. Much more common than the opposite condition in which the opening is on the top of the shaft (epispadias), this condition is often accompanied by micropenis (extremely small penis size) and cryptorchism (the lack of one or both testicles). Mild cases (where the hole is closer to the tip) are easily corrected by surgery while severe cases may lead to confusion about the sex of the child at birth. If left untreated, such penises may experience chordee (extreme curvature during erection), thus preventing normal entercourse and sexual reproduction.
When I read that Adolf Hitler may have been affected by hypospadias, micropenis, and cryptorchism, it was no mystery to me why he wanted his body cremated after he committed suicide on April 30, 1945. After all, what kind of a message would it have sent to his "Aryan" race of people if their "Fuehrer" were discovered to have had a 1" penis with an empty scrotum and a hole on the underside of the shaft?
by Iris O. M. September 07, 2007

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